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Dear Teaching Professional,

You know that finding the ESL job you want is hard work. Just finding out who you should talk to can be nearly impossible. Every school has a different way of recruiting talent and there is no single online source you can use to find the job you want.

Even if you know where you want to work, there may be no open positions in that area.

You could wait to see a job posting – but those are few and far between. The best ESL jobs are never advertised and the ones that are receive dozens of qualified applications. You don’t want to have to compete against the masses. Wouldn’t it be great to have the inside track when a position becomes open – before it appears on a job board?

Most schools only place advertisements for openings as a last resort after they have exhausted all of their other options and can’t find a qualified applicant any other way.

What you need to find is a way to connect with the schools where you want to live and get your resume out to the right person – so that when they are hiring they already have you in their database – and can contact you!

That’s why I have assembled The ESL School Finder – a powerful resource that can help you find the contacts and schools you need to get your career off the ground quickly and easily!

"I was amazed by the abundant number of organized listings in the ESL School Finder. What impresses me even more is that it also includes website information and contact details for almost all schools. As a beginner in the field who doesn't know exactly where to start looking for work, having this information is incredibly convenient."

- Kirsten Shearer – USA

"If you are looking for a school, the ESL School Finder has them all! Schools in my area of interest were easy to identify and included contact details."

- Tine Meyer Olesen – Denmark

"The ESL School Finder is a great starting place for the serious individual looking to either begin a career or find a new ESL/EFL position in any region of the world."

- Nelson Michael Beard – South Korea

The ESL School Finder Takes The Frustration Out Of Looking For A Teaching Contract Abroad!

Many of us would love to find a great new teaching job – but the entire process can be extremely frustrating! Finding a good school in the right location is the most important step in the entire process – but how do you get started?

Who has the patience or the resources to find out what jobs are available or the time to find out about dozens of schools that may be hundreds or thousands of miles away?

That is where the ESL School Finder comes in.

We spent more than seven years assembling the most comprehensive guide to ESL schools and contacts from around the world. There is no other source that is as comprehensive as our guide available anywhere – on or off line.

You could spend a year of your life trying to track down this invaluable contact information and still not have this many schools at your fingertips!

This 776 page guide lists ESL schools around the world and provides you all of the information you need including:

School name
• Main contact name
Full mailing address
• Email address for main contact
School website
• School phone and fax number

All of the information in the ESL School Finder is broken down alphabetically by region - so it is simple for you to find the schools you want in the area you want to live in - so you can become part of the community and help their students excel in English.

"If I were to quickly browse through the ESL School Finder in a bookstore or online, I would be interested in purchasing it simply because I can see immediately that it has the specific information that I am looking for without the trouble of searching through confusing or cluttered pages. I particularly like how the book is clearly organized by region and then broken down again into smaller regions. The table of contents directed me to exactly where I am interested in working. I also like how the schools are clearly divided in blocks on the page. This format keeps things clear and organized in a way that a 'spreadsheet' layout couldn't achieve in my opinion."

- Kirsten Shearer– USA

"The ESL School Finder is thorough and easy to follow and contains all the information I need to find a job in the country of my choice, I could surely use this! You can hold over 700 pages of information that could guide you to employment. The details are well organized and the layout is clear and easy to follow."

- Priscilla Nichols – USA

Only A Small Fraction Of ESL Jobs Are Advertised! Don’t Miss Out On Your Dream Job!

ESL schools in prime locations know that if they go to the expense of advertising for a new position that they will get deluged with dozens of candidates. They don’t want to waste their time sorting through all of the applications to find qualified applicants.

That’s why most of the best positions are found through networking and word of mouth. If you sit at home looking at classified advertisements or searching the Internet and wait to hear about a job opening – you will probably never get the posting you deserve, in the location you want to work!

Instead, you need to have your resume available to the main contact at a school as soon as they realize they will need a new hire. That is the power of our guide – you can send your resume to the right person at the right school now – so that they know about your skills, when they are ready to hire!

Ask any career guidance professional and they will tell you the number one way to improve your chances of getting your dream job is to take control of the process. Successful job seekers are proactive job seekers.

Now you can control your destiny and get the job you want!

Secure A Great ESL Job Before You Move Abroad!

Because finding a good ESL teaching position is so competitive, many teachers take their chances by moving to their dream location before they have found the right job. This can cost the job seeker thousands of dollars in moving expenses with no guarantee of success.

These people simply move out of the country and hope that someone will hire them to teach English. Most of these people because they have not done their homework – end up bartending, waitressing or returning home with their tails between their legs!

Even worse, many rental agencies abroad won’t give you a lease until you have a signed employment contract so if you don’t arrive prepared to work you could end up wasting hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms!

Because many countries require work visas you may be forced to go home when you are offered a job to get your paperwork in order! Wouldn’t it be better to secure your job in advance, get your work visa before you leave and save yourself time, money and aggravation?

Other people end up taking the first job that is offered to them when they get off the plane – even if it doesn’t pay enough or is in a school that is not up to their professional standards.

Don’t let this happen to you!

"The ESL School Finder is the best resource to look for schools in any area you would want to teach in. I thought that it was very easy to use. As an online document a 'search' function was able to bring me directly to a location I was interested in. As a hard copy, the layout is excellent and very easy to follow."

- Keith Redmond – Ireland

"The ESL School Finder is a one-stop resource for many schools around the world. I have not seen a similar offering of its kind in the recent past. I have found the ESL School Finder very useful."

- Dominic Savio – India

"The ESL School Finder is an essential tool for proactively securing a teaching position abroad "

- Brent Joel – Trinidad and Tobago

Stop Competing With Thousands Of Teachers Waiting For Jobs To Magically Appear!

The truth is that up to 70 percent of all ESL schools have at least one opening at some point in the year. Yet you are not likely to find them by only searching job boards or simply hoping that a job offer will appear.

The last thing school administrators want to do is waste their valuable time screening applicants and analyzing resumes. That’s why most positions are filled either through word of mouth or by aggressive, proactive job seekers.

That is why you need to apply to a large pool of schools and increase your chances of getting noticed when administrators want to fill a position fast!

The ESL School Finder Is The Most Comprehensive List Of Its Kind Available Anywhere!

The frustrating truth about any search for an ESL teaching position is that there is no central place where you can look for all of the information you need. Most of the schools don’t have much interaction with each other, many don’t have websites and finding the right contact information can be nearly impossible.

You could spend weeks or months trying to research good schools and good contacts and still not have all of the information you need.

When you order the ESL School Finder today all of the information is right at your fingertips. Your search process is done and all you have to do is send out your contact letter and resume and wait to hear back from schools that are interested in your skills!

Instead of wasting time searching for positions you can invest your time in applying for the job of your dreams!

This is the best list of schools that hire ESL teaching professionals ever assembled. The ESL School Finder is broken down by continent so you can just jump straight to the region where you want to live, work and play!

Just consider the full suite of benefits at your fingertips when you order the ESL School Finder today:

You no longer have to wait around for the perfect ESL teaching opportunity – you can be proactive!

• You just pick your country, find your listing and apply for your dream job!

You will never have to waste time again scouring the Internet to find the schools you want to teach at – it is all right here at your fingertips!

• You can find schools where you want to teach – in all four corners of the world!

No more blind resume submittals. You can address your cover letter and resume to exactly the right contact person – you no longer have to hope that your information ends up in front of the right person!

• You will have a leg up on the thousands of other ESL teachers who are waiting to take the job you want!

You won’t have to waste your money paying a recruiter – you can contact the right person yourself without paying enormous fees!

• As a pro-active job seeker your odds of getting a job will shoot through the roof!

Don’t settle for your second or third choice – you will be able to find a job exactly where you want to work!

• You can use our contacts to find out exactly what credentials you will need before you apply for a great new job!

You can tailor your resume to the needs of each specific hiring manager.

• You can start your networking process today and be in place when the perfect opening becomes available!

Remember – the early bird gets the job! Start your job search today!

"I have tried to find and compile a list of schools to apply to, but with little success. Having the ESL School Finder would give a huge advantage to those starting careers as ESL teachers. I was quite impressed by the number of schools listed."

- Kevin Morin – Canada

"The single biggest reason that I would purchase the ESL School Finder is because it is VERY difficult to find schools unless you are part of a network of some kind, or unless you are in that designated city! I enjoy the layout. You can easily read it and find what you are looking for. I enjoy most that you can simply click on the region of choice without having to trail through everything. I would say that the ESL School Finder is a perfect resource to use in your search for English schools throughout the world."

- Amy Cameron – Canada

"The ESL School Finder will give you a direct link to the school and location of your choice saving you the hassle of searching on the Internet. It is the best school directory ever done and it is easy to use."

- Ajayi Abolande – Nigeria

Order The ESL School Finder Today And Take Advantage Of Our Limited Time Introductory Offer!

Because we have just finished creating the ESL School Finder we are anxious to start getting it out into the marketplace where it can help ESL teachers just like you find their dream job and live wherever they want to live!

For that reason we want to help get the word out about the ESL School Finder and are offering the first 200 copies for the discount rate of only $29.95!

Once the first 200 copies are sold we’ll be raising the price back to the normal level of $39.95, so you need to act TODAY to take advantage of this special price.

And with over 100,000 job seekers in our database, that means that those first 200 copies will be scooped up lightening fast. Don’t delay. Pick up your own copy right now.

When you order the ESL School Finder today you not only get to start living the life you have always dreamed of – you will also save your hard earned cash!

The ESL School Finder Is Backed Up By Our 100 Percent No Questions Asked Risk Free Guarantee!

We know that the ESL School Finder is a one of a kind product that will help you start your path to a great career teaching English as a second language in all four corners of the globe.

Still we understand that you may be hesitant to commit your money to a product sight unseen. That’s why we back up our product with a full money back guarantee.

When you order the ESL School Finder today all we ask is that you read our list of resources and make a sincere effort to get in contact with the schools that interest you.

If after 90 days you have not gotten the results you expect simply contact us. We will refund your money on the spot – no ifs, ands, or buts!

That’s how confident we are that the ESL School Finder can help you!

The ESL School Finder Is Only For People Who Are Serious About Finding A New ESL Teaching Position!

The ESL School Finder is designed to be used by teachers who are serious about finding a new job in the place they have always dreamed of living.

It is not designed to be used by people who will not commit the time and effort it takes to use our valuable information to help find the job they have always dreamed of.

If you are not serious about trying to live the life of your dreams then please do not order the ESL School Finder – you will simply be wasting your time.

On the other hand if you are serious about finding a new position as an ESL teacher and you are ready to start working hard to put our information to good use then I urge you to order the ESL School Finder today! This could be the best investment in your future that you ever make!

"The ESL School Finder is an extensive list, providing the job-seeker with direct web links to places of interest. It's full of completely useful, user-friendly, information at your fingertips. 'Look no further. This is the ultimate job-finder'"

- Shefaa Desai – South Africa

"After many years of teaching and job searching, I know how important it is to be proactive in the job search. The ESL School Finder is a powerful tool because it contains the physical address, as well as an email address with a contact person for many schools. This information is so vital because I know that my resume will definitely get into the right hands."

- Jennifer Barclay – Australia

"I love to travel, thus by knowing who to contact about a job all around the world is a good thing for me. The ESL School Finder is easy and quick to use, well presented and it contains a lot of information."

- Nancy Lechasseur – Canada

Order The ESL School Finder Today And Take Advantage Of Our Free Bonus Offer!

The ESL School Finder is a great resource to use when you are ready to start looking for schools and tracking down your dream job. But, for a limited time we want to help make the ESL School Finder an even more valuable tool for you.

When you order the ESL School Finder in the next seven days we will include as our free gift to you an exclusive guide that explains in detail exactly how to evaluate the schools to which you have applied to make sure you have found exactly the right job!

The Ultimate ESL Job Guide (a $9.95 value) is full of all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to know before you sign a contract with a new school. Find out:

The warning signs that a school may be less than reputable.
• How to read a contract to make sure that the school has your best interests at heart.
The secrets to getting the right position at the right school!
• How to write a cover letter that will make school administrators want to hire you!

The guide is yours to keep as our free gift to you – even if you decide to return the ESL School Finder for a full refund!

Order the ESL School Finder Today And Get Ready To Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams!

Every day you put off ordering the ESL School Finder is a day you could have spent preparing to live the life you deserve.

There are many people who want to get out of their boring job in their hometown and start teaching English in the city of their dreams. Yet, the hardest part of that process is taking the first step.

That’s why you need to order the ESL School Finder today – before the price goes up – and start taking charge of your future.

It is possible to start living the life you have always dreamed of. All you need to do is order the ESL School Finder today and start searching for the teaching position of your dreams tomorrow.


Jake Peebles
President, ESLemployment.com

P.S. Remember most ESL jobs are never posted! If you want to find the job of your dreams you need to become proactive and hunt it down yourself! The ESL School Finder is the best resource you will ever find during your job search! A unique and valuable resource that you will not find anywhere else. Don’t waste your time searching for schools on your own when you could be devoting your energy and effort to actually applying to the great schools listed in the ESL School Finder!

P.P.S. You need to order the ESL School Finder as soon as possible. We will only be selling the first 200 copies of this powerful guide for the introductory price of $29.95! Once we sell our introductory copies we may raise our prices without any advance notice! Don’t miss out! And remember, if after 90-days you don't feel you've gotten the results you expected, we'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. When you order the ESL School Finder in the next seven days you get our incredible bonus guide that will show you how to evaluate the schools you apply to and negotiate the best teaching contract possible. This guide will be yours to keep even if you return the ESL School Finder for a full refund!

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